The Montana Red Angus Association was officially organized on November 3, 1972. Several interested breeders met at the Rainbow Hotel in Great Falls, Montana. They elected officers and established by-laws. The officers for that ensuing year were: President-Dave Cawlfield, Vice President-Jim Leachman and Secretary/Treasurer-Pete Stoltz.

President's Award

The President’s Award was established in 2000 and honors people for their outstanding service and dedication to MTRAA. The President in office at that time, selects the people he feels have helped the MTRAA and its endeavors.

Donation Heifer

All proceeds raised from the Donation Heifer go to support the Montana Red Angus Association, as well as the advertising placed in regional publications throughout the bull sale season, which promotes the Montana breeders and the Red Angus breed. Many thanks to all of the dedicated MTRAA breeders that have donated a heifer over the years!