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Monday - September 26, 2016

MTRAA Fall 2016 Newsletter


I’m having a hard time trying to figure out where the last year went! I can’t believe that, as of NILE, I will have held the position of MTRAA president for a year. I am honored and proud to have been able to represent such a great organization!

The past year has been full of exciting things for MTRAA. We have seen the addition of a second bill board and the creation of a wonderful new website. I would like to thank all the members of the board and general membership that have worked so hard over the last year to make these progressive changes for MTRAA – it is truly a team effort!

As I think about where the Red Angus breed is headed, I can’t help but be proud of the role that Montana breeders play in the national landscape of the breed. We have one of the most active affiliates in the nation, in terms of membership and breed promotion. We have 3 MTRAA members that sit on the national board. We have several members that serve on national committees.

When looking at the RAAA year in review, published in the September ARA, the Montana rankings are impressive:

  • Montana is #1 in the number of REGISTRATIONS by state.
  • Montana is #4 in the number of TRANSFERS by state.
  • Montana is #7 in the number of MEMBERS by state.
  • Montana is #9 in the number of JUNIOR MEMBERS by state.
  • There are 2 Montana breeders listed in the Top Ten RAAA Members by Cow Inventory
  • There are 3 Montana breeders listed in the Top Ten RAAA Members by Registrations

MTRAA members – be proud of your contribution to the breed and the upward trend of the breed’s popularity! We, as ranchers, tend to be humble and wonder if, as individuals, we can make a difference. The statistics listed above show we can. The prominence of Montana in the world of Red Angus lies in the outstanding group of breeders that call Montana home!

Julie Morton

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