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Monday - September 26, 2016

Spring 2016 Minutes


Montana Red Angus Spring Meeting

April 6, 2016

The Spring Meeting of the Montana Red Anus Association was called to order at 10am, at the Little Metra in Columbus, MT by President Julie Morton.

The Minutes from the fall meeting were presented and a signup sheet was passed around for roll call. Jim Fazier moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and approved them, seconded by Donna Laubach. Motion Passed.

The Treasurers report was also presented. Mark Jansma made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report Francis Koenig seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Julie introduced Shelby from the Nile.

Nile Report ~ Shelby updated us on the changes of the Nile

~ Jr Show will be moved back to Saturday starting 10am

~ Barn will be open at 8am on Wednesday

~ The Jr Show will be first and then followed by the regular open show on Saturday

~ Futurity will be at 6pm on Friday

~ Entry deadlines have changed to September 7th and late entries will be excepted until September 15th

~ The Nile will also be raffling off a truck this year and the money will go to support kids around Montana.

Committee Reports:

Promotion and Advertising ~ Karen has been working on the different grants for MTRAA. We currently have Sale Barn Sign, Montana Stock Growers Symposium, Billboards and Miles City Sale. We are looking into getting another billboard. Karen asked the members if there is any MTRA members with highway frontage. Julie explained we are thinking about building our own signs to lower the cost. Mark Jansma mentioned his brother in-law would have some information about building signs and also maybe locations available. Mark will be getting ahold of him and report back at the next meeting with cost and regulations for building billboards. Julie also mentioned that the National Association may not give us grant money every year to cover all the billboards. So if we had our own we wouldn’t lose them.

Membership ~ Larisa reported we have 82 current members.

Marketing ~ Francis said we had a great turnout at the MSGA Symposium in December. We got in a speaker that really brought great information for the commercial breeders. Ryan Clark gave a great talk about his commercial operation he is running. Bruce Reported on the Miles City Sale. We had 6 consigners this year. Bruce mentioned that it is a struggle getting people to commit to a sale. He has had a few calls needing red replacement heifers since the sale. Julie asked Bruce if we wanted to do it again this year. It comes down to is it worth the money we spend? Bruce mentioned that Miles City Stockyards has changed ownership and they may change things with the sale. We will go ahead and apply for the grant. If it goes through we can use it. Francis suggested maybe doing a video sale. Bob mentioned that the next national association advertising push is The Red Angus Female is the most sought after female right now. This could change things for this year’s Miles City Sale.

Juniors ~ Veronica sent the new website link to the Jr Members and they really liked the ease of using it for the different forms and functions. Veronica mentioned we will be saying goodbye to 4 Jr members after the Nile this year. Veronica mentioned there will not be a Sullivan Stock Show Clinic this year. They are planning on getting it here for 2017 though. There will be 3 Jr’s going to the Round Up in Virginia this year. Chris is getting everything lined up for them to go. We currently have 40 Jr members.

Nile Reports:

Nile Show ~ Veronica is looking for volunteers for the show committee. All the are ordered and we are working on getting them embroidered now.

Nile Sale ~ Francis mentioned the complaints about the noise and talked to Shelby about getting the speakers moved. Also doing sound checks with Kyle before the sale so we don’t scare any cattle this year.

Futurity ~ Julie said we have a set time at 6pm on Thursday. Shelby said they have moved a few things around in the schedule this year so hopefully we won’t be so late starting this year. All forms are on the website and also will be sending out with Red Cow Relocators at their Ranch visits.

Banquet ~ Larisa said it will be more expensive this year due to the Bighorn Resort raising their prices this year. We will need to raise the price of the tickets to cover the cost. We will be looking into other places to hold the banquet next year.

Tailgate ~ Larisa asked the members if they would like another tailgate party after the futurity this year. All of the members present thought it was a great turn out last year. Ron really thinks we need to have something to get everyone together. Jodee asked Karen to get the Red Angus cookies again this year. So we will be planning another Tailgate Party after the futurity at Nile this year. Jodee also volunteered to take care of getting supplies for the Sale lunch this year.

Barn Superintendent ~ Bruce and Tena will be in charge again this year. Mark Jansma will be working along side them to learn the ropes and take over next year. Shelby will be doing the stalling for us.

National Report:

Tom Brinks is our new CEO. New strategic plan has been released. It will be directing the association for the next 5 years. There has been several changes in the staff at RAAA lately. Tom also hired 3 new temporary employees to get caught up on all the data entry and whatever else needs done in the office. The national office staff continues to find errors in the data base. We currently have 4 programmers working on fixing the errors as they find them. By the end of May or June we should down to 1 programmer. The staff has set a goal of 1500 jobs to get done in April. Tom has promised them a Blake Steak at the end of the month if they complete their goal. Bob brought to attention that ALL natural service bulls have to have DNA on file at the office this year. FCCP had a 30% increase this year. Over 81,000 tags sold as of now. The EPD’s are being re ranked right now, so it should be done by fall. MSU currently have 250 black cows for their test herd. They will all be bred red angus this year, they will be the new RAAA test herd. RAAA is looking for semen donations, 50 units per bull minimum. They are looking for any bulls, proven or unproven. RAAA will be putting together a large amount of semen for MSU to pick form. MSU will be given the registration numbers and pick which ones they want. They will be breeding in 2 weeks. RAAA and MSU have signed a 15 year contract for this herd. MSU is also looking into having a registered herd. So they are looking for embryos to get it started.

New Business:

Tour ~ Got ahold of all the breeders in the Bozeman area to see what they wanted to do for the tour this year. There was nobody interested in putting on a tour. Julie suggested maybe doing a Summer BBQ. Jodee Jansma thinks it is really important to get together in person and just socialize. Ron really liked the idea of having an informal get together sometime in the summer. Julie asked if we wanted to put it out to more people than just our members? The membership thought it was be good to also invite commercial breeders. Julie will revisit with the Bozeman region and see if they would be interested in doing a BBQ. If they decide not to do anything the board will look into doing it. Also do we still need 7 regions if we don’t do the tour? Ron thought we should go through and redo the regions since we have lost and gained members in different areas.

Website ~ We have gotten a bunch of updates from members and Todd has been really quick about getting those done. We also have a new email for the secretary. Thought this would be helpful for the MTRA updates as well as the secretary. The responses we have gotten from the website have been very positive. Chris Pierce asked about the Sale Reports on the website. Larisa said that it will be up to the members to get their sale reports to the secretary to put on there. Julie asked if there were any concerns about releasing the website? The members all agreed that they really liked it and we should release it. Julie also brought to attention we have 2 domain names. They are and Which would the members like to release it under? This was discussed at the board meeting and the board suggested Chris Pierce moved that we release our website under Esther seconded it, motion. Motion passed.

Photos for Display ~ We are needing new photos for the MTRA display. Larisa suggested we do a Photo Contest and vote on the pictures at the Nile. That way we can have the picture printed for the display before the MSGA Symposium. Veronica suggested we have a September 1, 2016 deadline to get pictures in to the secretary. Jodee moved that we do the Photo Contest and put the info on the website right away. Ron seconded it, motion passed.

Calendar ~ Do we want to do a calendar this year? Ron mentioned how much they enjoyed the calendar. Esther does not want to lay it out this year though. Lacey Sutherlin said she would get together some quotes to get it done. Julie is going to talk to Todd Stewart about getting a map put together for the back. Bob moved that we go ahead and auction off the pages today for the calendar. Mark seconded it, motion passed.

Calendar months sold as listed below:

January ~ Milk Creek Red ~ $500

February ~ Sutherlin Red Angus ~ $900

March ~ Klompien Red Angus ~ $900

April ~ Rock Creek Red Angus ~ $500

May ~ Koenig Ranch Reds ~ $500

June ~ Christensen Red Angus ~ $300

July ~ Green Mountain Red Angus ~ $500

August ~ Jansma Red Angus ~ $300

September ~ Lost Creek Red Angus ~ $400

October ~ Montana Red Angus Nile Ad

November ~ Big Sky Elite ~ $600

December ~ Fischer Red Angus ~ $500

Ron Fischer moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jim Frazier. Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted

Larisa Oldenburger, MTRAA Secretary Treasurer

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